Research & Campaigns

Each survey should take around 3 minutes to complete.

Our local research and campaigns work allows us to advocate for change in the local community and help shape the policies that affect our clients. You can support our work by sharing your own experiences through one of our surveys. 

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Local Community

Report an issue you feel is unfairly affecting you, your family or the local community. The information you provide will help us identify common problems in your area.

Local community survey


Explain your experience of coronavirus, the problems you have faced and the impact it has had on you and your family. 

Coronavirus survey  


Tell us how coronavirus has affected your finances and help us explore the impact of the pandemic on the level of indebtedness in the area. 

Debt survey
Debt advice


Help us understand the housing sector in Burnley and Pendle and identify common problems affecting our clients and their ability to find suitable and secure accommodation. 

Housing survey
Housing advice section