Our volunteers come from a wide range of backgrounds including young people, professionals and retired people.

Our commitment to value diversity and promote equality means we can encourage individuals who might not otherwise volunteer. Volunteers are vital to the way we deliver our service, allowing us to reach many more people than if we were purely paid staff-run.

Our volunteers take on a range of roles from assessing and providing advice, supporting the running of our hubs and fundraising.

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The Receptionist is the first face to face contact that our client has on their advice journey and this role plays a critical part in ensuring that they are made to feel welcome. The role involves:

  • Greeting clients and other visitors
  • Handing out Client Registration Forms and answering form related questions
  • Answering the phone
  • Ensuring clients know what is happening and how long they will have to wait
  • Explaining the services available
  • Pointing out leaflets, lists and self-help materials
  • Monitoring client numbers and waiting times
  • Maintaining the reception area
  • Entering information into computer systems
  • Postage related duties including distribution, franking and recording


Gateway Assessor

A Gateway Assessor’s primary role is to assess the client’s issue in a face to face interview and identify key information about the problem including time limits, dates and urgency.

The Assessor will agree the appropriate level of service to give to the client, taking into account the client’s abilities, the complexity of the problem and the service’s resources. Following the agreed protocols, the Assessor will refer or signpost the client appropriately (both internally and externally) to suit his or her needs.


Generalist Adviser

The Generalist Adviser’s primary role is to interview the clients, effectively identify the level of help the client requires and provide the relevant information to the client to enable them to make informed choices.

Advisers use the Citizens Advice Information System to find, interpret and communicate the relevant information. They research and explore options and implications so that the client can make those informed decisions.

Advisers assist by negotiating with people such as creditors or service providers, drafting letters, making phone calls on the client’s behalf and when required, referring them to other specialist agencies.



Administrators assist with the smooth running of our service by:

  • Word processing
  • Managing files
  • Using databases and spreadsheets
  • Answering emails and phone calls
  • Updating local information
  • Researching