Our Services – Advice Options

Face to Face

Should you choose to use our service

Our advisers are here to help you resolve your problem.

You will be greeted at reception and asked to complete a Client Registration Form*. On completion, you will see one of our Advisers who explain to you the advice process, make a brief assessment of your issue and its urgency and depending on the nature of your enquiry will provide you with the information you need, offer you advice options, signpost you to a specialist organisation or refer you for a full appointment.


What to bring with you

It’s important to bring as much information and documentation about your issue with you to the drop in. If you don’t bring the necessary documentation, this may delay finding a resolution to your issue and our Advisers may not be able to fully advise you.

For a detailed list of what you should bring with you please go here.

Download a Client Registration form

All visitors are asked to complete a client registration form for the purposes of recording details about you and your enquiry so that if you visit us again we have access to previous notes. Also, we collate evidence about the type of issues service users wish to see an Adviser about and this assists us to bring about changes in local and national policies and services, which can benefit everyone.

Advice online

Online self-help is available from Citizens Advice. The site contains advice to help people resolve their issues. To access the online information, guides and letter templates please select.


Outreach Advice Sessions

From time to time we operate outreach drop in and appointment advice sessions at various public assess locations across Burnley and Pendle. For details of the latest planned sessions, please go to our Outreach Advice page.


Legal clinic

We run a regular legal clinic at our hubs. For information on session dates, times and information on how to book an appointment, please see the notices on our homepage.